Step 1 Downloading the picture book:
Please visit the picture book download page to download the project. Make sure to download the binary and source version instead of the source only version.
Step 2 Downloading the JRE:
In order to install and run the picture book Java Runtime Environment is needed. If JRE is already installed please make sure the version is later than 1.4.1. Execute the following command in the command-line tool to display the version number:
java -version
If 1.4.1 or later is installed please skip to step 3. Visit the JVM download website for detailed information and the download. If the program is to be used on a UNIX/LINUX machine please configure the necessary environment variables for the JRE.
Step 3 Installing picture book:
Unzip the zip archive that was downloaded from the picture book download page in step 1 into a new folder/directory.
Step 4 Starting the application:
Open directory which the archive is unzipped to. Open the PictureBookDemo folder. If Microsoft Windows environment is used execute runMe.bat. Under Unix/linux environments execute If error is encountered in this step there might be incorrect environment or system configuration(s). Please consult the sun web site for support.
Notes on running the picture book:
Image operations such as scaling and loading are very costly for the JVM in terms of process time and memory allocation. In order for Picture Book to utilize these operations, custom virtual memory allocation is required. It is suggested that the Java VM memory size should be configured to hold minimum of 128mb and maximum of 512mb. These settings can be configured by using the following command:
java -cp PictureBook.jar;jdom.jar;. -Xms128m -Xmx512m 
If these guidelines are not followed, certain operation in picture book might take an abnormal amount of process time. Even out of memory exception could be thrown at times. Note: The batch file and shell script that is included in the demo are already configured with these settings.
System requirements:
Picture book requires the JVM (JRE 1.4.1 or later) in order to operate. The right mouse clicked is used for some of the editing operations. Mac users would have to use an emulated key for these operations.